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Participant Testimonials 222 Dixon Road

I came to the YWCA Toronto ELSD program because I wanted to improve my English speaking skills. Since joining the program, I have gained more confidence and seen a boost in my self-esteem!

— Noshi, English Language Skills Development (ELSD)

Esmat H portraitI came to the YWCA Toronto ELSD program because my son was born in Canada and speaks English fluently, and I wanted to be able to properly communicate with him to fully participate in his upbringing. When teaching myself to speak English did not work, the ELSD program enabled me to communicate better and overcome challenges. It is never too late to start learning English and change your life!

— Esmat, English Language Skills Development (ELSD)

The program has taught me so much about life in Canada and how to adapt. I would tell new students that they should feel welcome as we are a big family and support one another.

— Maria, English Language Skills Development (ELSD)

I came to the YWCA Toronto ELSD program to perfect my English. I am so happy since joining the program as I was able to meet new people and make friends. 

— Alisha, English Language Skills Development (ELSD)

Participant Testimonials 3090 Kingston Road

The programs at YWCA Toronto are great! One of the reasons I came here was because it was catered to women. Knowing that I was going to be with other women that can relate to what I’m going through is great. In the beginning, I thought, “I am going to give this YWCA Toronto a try,” and I’m so glad I did. It has just been fantastic! 

— Barbara

I am lucky that I got a volunteer position at YWCA Toronto. Even on the days I do not volunteer I still come –being here lifts my spirits and keeps me on track.

— Audrey

There is a big difference between other employment services and YWCA Toronto. Most of them just teach you to prepare yourself, but here they actually prepare you. They can give you training in different areas. I like the idea of the YWCA Toronto Employment & Training Centre catering especially to women, because we face different barriers in the workplace than men do. 

— Deann, Computer Training for Employment program participant

YWCA Toronto helped me set up a career plan, build self-esteem —all the things needed for long-term success. They go beyond finding a job. If my job ends tomorrow and there is no work for me, I’m not going to fall back into the same kind of hole that I was in before I came to YWCA Toronto, because now I have the tools and skills succeed in my personal life and in the workforce.

— Julie, Employment Focus program participant

Participant Testimonials 3730 Kingston Road

The YWCA Toronto staff continues to be tremendously supportive. They have given me great tips on both professional and personal matters; now they are helping my sisters! I have never been in an atmosphere as great as this one, ever!

— Tracee

I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for YWCA Toronto Employment & Training Centre. You have been be such an amazing help and your guidance was much needed. I am truly appreciative of all the time and effort you put into helping me.

— Nick